Monday, 26 November 2012

DubTurbo Download Review - Is DubTurbo The Very Best Beat Making Sofware Or Is it All Hype?

DubTurbo Download Review

DubTurbo may be the latest trend in the music and entertainment scene! It's designed for younger generation. Although people of all ages can load the software and allow their artistic juices flow.

DubTubo quite simply is a computer application that enables a person to produce beats, with the aim of making their very own track. This is actually not a brand new concept. There have been numerous software's which allow users to produce tracks on the computers and from the comfort of their own home.

The DubTurbo 1.0 version was incredibly popular and rather quickly dominated their competitors for units sold. Now they are back with the DubTurbo 2.0 version that is even bigger, badder a lot more better than before!

I have observed quite many beat making softwares come and go. However DubTurbo truly seems to be creating an impact. A few of the advanced features which pretty much stood out if you ask me were  the awesome drum machine, the 4 octave sampler keyboard  and the 16 channel track sequencer.

The major advantage of this system which quite simply differentiate it from its competitors is the simple fact that the samples and tracks are in. wav format. A .wav file is approximately 10 times bigger than the .mp3 file. MP3s are excellent, however there is a problem every time a track is compressed,  the track tend to lose sound quality.  The. wav format gives higher quality sound tracks. .

The application can never truly surpass the capabilities of a full blown studio. However, DubTurbo will cost you a tiny fraction of what a studio will with all the software programs as well as hardware.

On the whole, it is a fantastic system for the novice music producer, with countless combinations of tracks as well as samples to play with.

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